God Experience

May 2017
Rising Through The Pain

My name is Mori. I grew up all over the place in the USA, but mostly in Chicago. I was born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Growing up, I attended both the mosque and church. In 2010, I moved to Nigeria. While in Nigeria, I found myself more in church compared to my attendance at the mosque. Later in the year September 2010, I unfortunately lost my mother. After the death of my mother, I just buried my head in work. I continued this way until year 2016. After......

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Feb 2017

My name is Nene. I’m the last of three children. I grew up in a Christian home. My mom is very prayerful but she’s strict and wouldn’t take nonsense from us. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 11. After I gave my life to Christ, I struggled a bit, I wanted to run my life myself. Basically, I sought freedom in the wrong way.  I started living out of God’s will. Then, I began to feel worthless. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose here on earth.......

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Oct 2016
Pride and God's Grace

My name is Folawole. I’m an engineer by training but a budding recording artiste. As a child, I didn’t like my name. I thought it was too long and wanted a simpler one. While I was in the university, I stumbled upon an article in a newspaper by a gentleman called Fola Adeola, the MD of Guaranty Trust Bank, at the time. I thought it would be cool to shorten my name to Fola. Most people who knew me from my childhood and even till now still call me Fola. As I......

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Sep 2016
Overcoming Academic Failure

Hi! My name is Timilehin. As a young Christian in university, I had a scheduled and structured relationship with God. I prayed to God every morning when I woke up, then moved to class and back to the hostel. I studied Economics not because I wanted to or enjoyed it but because it sounded professional. My family members studied professional courses. I wanted to study cinematography or any related course but I didn’t know you could study such courses in university. In my 100 level, I failed most of my courses. I......

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Sep 2016
Drifting Away From God

My name is Bunmi.  A couple of years ago, I learnt an important lesson about drift. I went on a Water Ski Trip with my roommates and when it was my turn to ski, I threw my skis in and jumped into the water. It took me about two minutes to put them on. By the time I looked up, I had drifted about twenty metres away from the boat. I could barely swim and was afraid when I realized that I was quite far away from the boat. Drift is a......

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May 2016
I Found Peace

My name is Samuel. I’m the only boy and the last born of four kids. My parents are devoted Christians; Pastors actually. My father had envisioned my life after Matthew Henry of the 17th century who was able to read at the age of 3. So my father tried teaching me to read at age 3, unsuccessfully. By the time I was 4, I was able to read anything presented to me. By the time I was 6, I had read the Bible back-to-back. At age 14, I had read the Bible......

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May 2016
Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Hi. My name is Tunde. I’ve been afraid of sharing my God Experience because of what I thought people would say or think of me. But, I’m confronting my fears today because I believe that when I’m done someone would be touched and have a better relationship with God. I was born into a Christian family; both of my Grandfathers were Baba Ijos (Church Elders). There was a lot of pressure on me to know God early. All through my secondary school, I knew God but I didn’t have a personal relationship......

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Apr 2016
Love Overcame Grief

Chinenye is a simple and cheery young woman. She shares her God Experience with us: I grew up in a Christian family, which meant having to be at morning devotions. Mother was an usher in an orthodox church and so I dared not get to church late. She always stood by the “western door”. My first experience with God was in an open air crusade as a child in the ‘90s. (Of course my mum forced me to attend.) The preacher spoke about the parable of the lost sheep and I ended......

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Mar 2016
Dealing With Addiction

Aderinola is a wife and mother who loves to write. She shares her God Experience with us. The way you feel, when you ‘feel’ there’s no way out – Trapped. Despondent. Deficient. It’s numbing; a horrible feeling. It robs you of life, literally. I’ve felt this way one time too often and I can only imagine how my life would have turned out, if God hadn’t intervened. For someone else, he probably intervened through a friend, some counsel, or via music that lifted the soul. However, he sure does intervene and he did......

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Mar 2016
I Thought I Wasn't Loved

Rolake Akinsola shares her God Experience: I was born into an Anglican Family. My folks were consistent Church-goers in my opinion. Things were pretty strict at home and my Mum was the typical Yoruba disciplinarian (in short: No Nonsense). My Mum was the type that didn’t mind slapping you at the Church entrance if you were late (you dare not “Omo Deaconess”). My Dad was my hero and it was an open secret that I was his favourite. My brothers were not bothered as Mum would always get back at me on......

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