Small groups

We were never intended to live life alone, but were created for relationships. Our small groups are interest based groups that aim to encourage connections and networking over common interests while learning more about God’s word.

Each group meets over a period of 8 weeks per cycle.

Why join a small group?

To network and interact with other believers
To pick up new hobbies and interests
To form genuine friendships while developing your relationship with God
To find an avenue to hone your existing interests

This current cycle runs for 8weeks starting August 2017. Find details of the small groups in this cycle below. You may also visit our Youtube Channel to learn more about each group.
To sign up for one or more, please send an email to


Don’t do life alone. Join a small group today.


Here, new believers get to explore their christian faith with other believers.
Do you have questions like:
Who is God?
How do I hear the voice of God?
Is speaking in tongues for everyone
Does God understand when I speak in tongues?
Join us and ask all your burning questions in a judgement free zone.

Song Room

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. Music connects you with the world and pierces through the very soul.. If you love rap, jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative, House music or you have a genre no one knows about then Music Room is the group to join.. We would write songs, sing songs, teach music, study David the psalmist himself, play guitar hero, have campfires and sing Kumbaya and make something really beautiful. I am sure some of you reading this will be thinking ``oh my voice is worse than that of a choking frog``... No worries we've got you covered. Beyonce ain't got nothing on you...


Are you a chess champion or would you love to learn how to play or would you just like to meet great people while having an open and honest conversation about Wisdom God's way?

Join the Chess Small group by sending an email to

How Jesus would have taught an MBA

Have you ever wondered how Jesus would have taught an MBA class?
We will be discussing competitive strategy, Economics, Finance, Project Management, MBA application tactics and Job hunting tips.
Come sharpen your business acumen

Writers Anonymous

Are you a closet writer?
Do you like to put your thoughts into words?
Do you believe you have a writing skill that can be honed?
Join other writers as we challenge ourselves with different topics and themes to stimulate creativity.

The craft group

Are you handy?
Do you have a craft you would like to learn or master?
Here at the craft group, we meet to learn DIY hacks, makeup, arts and craft.
Sign up and let's make greatness happen


Whoop! Whoop!

Games night, Sharwarma night, Karaoke, Networking e.t.c

In the TGIF smal group, you can count on 8 weeks of fun of intriguing and entertaining activities while examining spiritual values that will build us up into the Christians we desire to be.

Sign up now

Sex and the City

Hi ladies!
Are you single like a pringle?
Are you sad or worried about why your prince charming is taking so long?
Are you dating someone or is someone dating you?
Are you newly married?
Join us as we discuss relationships, sexual purity, dating dynamics e.t.c.
Single, dating or married, join us as we rub minds and let the scriptures guide our love lives
Prov. 27:17-``As iron sharpeneth iron, so a lady sharpens another``(paraphrased)

Book lovers Club

Experience life through another person's perspective, then share and exchange opinions with others in the group.
Join us in this adventure of vicariously living the lives of character as they overcome insurmountable challenges

Experiencing God

Feeling stagnated and like you're coasting along in your life as a Christian?

Do you want to know God for yourself? Know him for real?

Then Join the eXperiencing God small group now! Yes, right now!

We begin on a life transforming, mind altering, perspective changing, personal mission revealing, and intimate knowledge of God, through 12 explosive weeks of intimate discussions, no holds barred teaching and challenging of every detail of Christianity. No area is taboo....

Calling Activated

Are you having a difficult time trying to figure out what to do with your life?

Do you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your work?

Do you believe that there has to be some awesome gifts you have (even if you don't know what) that are waiting to find expression?

God doesn't want you to live an unfulfilled life! It's not a productive one.

He created you ON purpose FOR a purpose!

Participate in our small group, Calling Activated and learn what God's calling is on your life. You'll also learn the courage to follow God faithfully in your calling and a clear vision to sustain you until your unique calling is fulfilled!

Coast Cyclers

Grasp life by the handle bars, Get refreshed, Get energized physically and spiritually, Cruise coast to coast...

Join the CoastCyclers
We are delighted to have you Sign up to our small group.

Ready to Cruise 🚲🚲🚲