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May 2016
Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Hi. My name is Tunde. I’ve been afraid of sharing my God Experience because of what I thought people would say or think of me. But, I’m confronting my fears today because I believe that when I’m done someone would be touched and have a better relationship with God. I was born into a Christian family; both of my Grandfathers were Baba Ijos (Church Elders). There was a lot of pressure on me to know God early. All through my secondary school, I knew God but I didn’t have a personal relationship......

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Mar 2016
I Thought I Wasn't Loved

Rolake Akinsola shares her God Experience: I was born into an Anglican Family. My folks were consistent Church-goers in my opinion. Things were pretty strict at home and my Mum was the typical Yoruba disciplinarian (in short: No Nonsense). My Mum was the type that didn’t mind slapping you at the Church entrance if you were late (you dare not “Omo Deaconess”). My Dad was my hero and it was an open secret that I was his favourite. My brothers were not bothered as Mum would always get back at me on......

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Mar 2016
Beyond Low Self-Esteem

Bowale Ikotun is a friendly Database Administrator who shares his God experience with us. I had just settled in for the night and was about dozing off when I heard; “Bowale! Bowale! Bowale!”  I’d like to think my default response was: “Yes Lord, here I am; send me.” Na, my God Experience didn’t involve me hearing a voice, neither did it entail me having to take off my Italian shoes in front of a burning bush! My experience seems like a somewhat normal story.  I’m sure some folks can relate with it.......

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