How do I Build Faith?

How do I Build Faith?

(This is the second of 4 posts on faith. Read the first one here.)

As a recap, in our last post, we wrote about the need to develop “What I Hope For” and “Better Me” lists. We also explained why faith was important. You should read our last post in case you missed it.

So, why should you consciously build your faith?

  • Natural things have a protocol for their sustenance.  For example, human muscles grow and remain firm by use, training and interaction.
  • There’s a need to meet the challenge of living in the flesh. The flesh regularly contends with the natural expressions of spiritually inclined actions. (Galatians 5:17)

How can you build your faith?

You must fill your heart with the knowledge of God. But how do you get the knowledge of God? These steps will help:

  • Read the Bible constantly. It’s like trolling God or regularly checking out his profile.
  • Spend time in prayer and meditation: Think of God’s goodness; observe natureby admiring the flowers, catching a sunset or marveling at a mountain.
  • Listen to the testimonies of others: Your knowledge of God and thus your faith is collectively built as you learn from others. Your testimony couldalso be a ladder for someone else’s faith. Share it!
  • Identify & deal with faith destroyers: Despair, distractions, rumours and untruths. Be careful about believing a lie about God.

Now, here are some action plans:

  • Do one thing this week to deliberately build your faith in God.
  • Do one thing this week to help someone build their faith in God.
  • Finally, remember that your faith in God gets stronger as you build a relationship with him so set out a few minutes every day to talk to God.

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