How Do I Exercise Faith?

How Do I Exercise Faith?

(This is the third of 4 posts on Faith. Read the previous post here.)

Before we begin, we’ll do a recap of our discussions from the previous posts.  We discussed:

  • How to create “Things I Do Not See”, “What I Hope For” and “Better Me” list
  • Why faith is important this year – it’s a way to please God and obtain a good report
  • How to build our faith – Increasing our knowledge of God and dealing with faith destroyers

To continue our discourse, we must stress that the focus of faith is God.  It’s more about deepening our relationship with God and knowing his will for our lives than trying to get things from Heaven’s supermarket. (Hebrews 11:6b and Matthew 6:33)  Therefore, in this post, we will explore the systems we need to create so that our faith can find expression.

How to exercise faith

  • Be spiritually minded: Be focused, God minded and concerned about the things God cares about.
  • Be willing and able to imagine unusual things: The imagination of a spiritually minded person is a powerful springboard for their faith in God. Therefore, open your heart to revelation and let God help you imagine.
  • Speak, ask and share: Words carry life and express the inner conclusions of our hearts. Your faith filled words are more than just positive confessions. They help you pray audacious and bold prayers.
  • Act – Respond, Obey and Move: Faith steps out in response to clear guidelines in the Word of God and specific instructions from God. Simple obedience often produces supernatural results.

Now, some action points…

  • This year, make big plans, trusting God.
  • Have one crazy “It can only be done by God” plan!
  • Don’t be slothful or idle.

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God bless you!



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