Why I Love Jesus

Why I Love Jesus

Adanma Ezegbulam, a Corporate and Commercial Lawyer shares her God Experience:

At church we are told over and over how Jesus loves us and this is wonderful. However, what really gets to me about Jesus’ love is the fact that He loved me first. He loved me even when I didn’t love Him and didn’t stop loving me because I did not love Him back. Now that’s awesome! This is my number 1 reason for loving him so!

In Secondary School, I didn’t join a clique early enough and by the time I was in my second year, it was too late. All the cliques were formed and locked in and breaking in was tough. It was a “girls only” school, so you can imagine how isolating it was. I felt like I had to do something or have something or act and talk in a certain way to get in and that wouldn’t even guarantee I’d be accepted fully.  Subconsciously, I learned early in life that love had to be earned and paid for. Love was never free.  Then in my second year I was introduced to Jesus by a friend who kept trying to convince me that the love Jesus has for me is unconditional – completely without requirements or prerequisites. “Jesus loves you for no reason and He also doesn’t want a payback”. This was just too much for me to accept or believe. It was too good to be true, I thought. There had to be a catch, I insisted. But there was none! It took a while for the understanding of the weight of God’s love to sink in. But like a seed, this truth planted in my heart has gradually taken root. It has moved from being head knowledge to becoming a strong belief in my heart. Every now and then when I stray, the devil tries to come at me with condemning thoughts suggesting that Jesus has fallen out of love with me. I may have some moments of doubt but then my heart reminds me of God’s promise and immediately I throw the devil and doubtful thoughts out of the window and run back to my Father. As always His arms are open wide to receive me with overwhelming love.

One of the ways God has shown me that He is absolutely in love with me and committed to this relationship we have is the people He sends my way. I have an arsenal full of amazing humans I’m blessed to call friends. I meet the most amazing people so randomly I know it’s not random. God drops them on my path like little surprise gifts or sticky notes to say, “I’ve got you”. You know how you’re experiencing a broke weekend and then you stumble on some money folded away in the back pocket of your jeans?  That’s how he sends friends to me, just at the right time like angels on assignment. God sends people just when I need someone to speak to, hold my hand as I make a life altering decision or to give me a bear hug.

So these are my reasons for loving God and so much more.

I don’t know where you are with God, but it’s my prayer that as you continue your journey, you will come to know that you are irrevocably and unconditionally loved. No sin or shame or anything the devil throws at you can rob you of the certainty of this truth –You are loved.

PS: If you would like to meet the God Adanma spoke about, please go here.


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