Drifting Away From God

Drifting Away From God

My name is Bunmi.  A couple of years ago, I learnt an important lesson about drift. I went on a Water Ski Trip with my roommates and when it was my turn to ski, I threw my skis in and jumped into the water. It took me about two minutes to put them on. By the time I looked up, I had drifted about twenty metres away from the boat. I could barely swim and was afraid when I realized that I was quite far away from the boat.

Drift is a slow and continuous process that does not depend on you (or at least that depends on inaction). If you don’t do anything, you’ll move in one direction or the other.

Growing up as a teenager, I was so close to God that I could hear him speak. Reading my Bible was like a hobby. I read the Bible so well that I literally practiced what I read. When I got into university, drift started. I didn’t go wild or do anything particularly crazy but my connection to God went down. Gradually, I stopped praying regularly. My relationship with God became like an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) relationship. I only went to God in prayers when I needed something. Few years into my career as a Consultant, I applied to two technology companies. For each company, I went through a series of tough interviews (it was like studying hard to pass a professional exam). The Co-founder of one company wanted me but he didn’t have the final say. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) did. The CEO did not even want to have an interview with me. I applied to another company and the directors were okay with me. I went for an interview with the CEO who was distracted during the process and eventually rejected me. It was really painful with all the effort I had put in.

I applied to some business schools which was tougher. My ATM business with God continued as usual. During the application period in December, I fasted and prayed while everyone ate festive food. All the business schools I applied to rejected me. It was a difficult time for me and I was very low. The seed of doubt crept in. I asked myself, “Is there really a God?” I applied to another school in the third round when nobody gets interviewed. I got an interview which I did well in but was rejected. I felt like that was the end.

For the next three years, it was a life of silence between God and I but God was merciful. He set me up for a lot more than I had expected. My experiences laid the ground work for the company I currently run and the business schools I applied to have invited me to speak on more than two occasions.

God does more than we are capable of doing, so people get to know it’s not you but him. I have made a conscious decision to start swimming towards God.

Have you been in a similar situation?  Do you feel inadequate? Know that you are perfect in Christ. Maybe you feel your life is fine and you don’t need God, (I once lived that way) but when the storm comes you are all by yourself. Know that your life is much simpler when you walk with God. Take a step towards God today even if you can’t go all the way back. Spend a little more time with God or find a friend who will help you grow closer to God. God bless you.

PS: If you would like to meet the God that Bunmi spoke about, please click here.

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