Do you Want to be Made Whole?

Do you Want to be Made Whole?

us, all-knowing one who hears the groaning of our heart, knew deep down the man desired healing but felt defeated and hopeless. Who wouldn’t after suffering an affliction for so long!

Guess what happened next? Without the waters being stirred, without being dipped in the pool, without the help of an Angel or man, Jesus by himself ALONE made the sick man whole. And to make it even more sensational, he did it on the oh-so-holy “Sabbath day”. You know back then Sabbath was regarded as a holy day and no “work” was to be done. Was that a game changer or what?!

Jesus will break rules, damn procedure, alter nature and even mess with the usual order of things to heal, deliver or save if he has to. Nothing can stand in his way. If he intends it, nothing can prevent him. He is unstoppable and this is why we call him Almighty. Jesus can do it by himself. The only prerequisite is himself. He is all-sufficient. He is all that you need and he is enough. He sees your heart and knows your affliction – that habit or sin that seems to hold you bound. He knows how hard you’ve tried. He knows how many times you’ve failed, and he knows you feel overwhelmed, helpless and tired. He knows that feeling of inadequacy that has tormented you for so long. He knows that you blame yourself for being where you are. He knows you don’t feel smart enough or sharp enough. He knows you hurt from the snide comments people make suggesting you are unserious and not ready to be delivered even though you have tried everything you know. He knows you have given up on yourself but you still want to be free. He knows you.

You are not forgotten and your situation is not beyond him. No situation can ever be. He is able to heal and he will heal you. He will deliver you and he will set you free. You will rise. He is about to walk into your situation. Trust Jesus.

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