Testimony of Faith & Obedience

Testimony of Faith & Obedience

Foluso Gbadamosi is a people loving, IT professional with a sweet tooth. She shares her God Experience:

A quote I read recently describes my testimony aptly.

“Why am I hopeful about the future? God and I have a history” – Jimmy Pena

I got married in January 2010. Prior to getting married in early 2009, I started getting this weird feeling that I would have issues getting pregnant. I had also been told by an OBGYN in the UK in 2007 that I had a small fibroid but the doctor said it wasn’t a big deal.  At first I didn’t pay attention to the feeling, but it kept occurring so I shared it with my then Pastor. We prayed about it and life went on.

About 4 months after getting married, in May 2010, I decided to get an OBGYN in Nigeria as I hadn’t seen one in a while. I went to see one and he decided to do a scan as it was my first visit with him. The scan took forever and he asked me all types of questions. He eventually told me I had a thick endometrium which meant the lining of my womb didn’t shed monthly as expected. He said people with this condition usually had a hard time conceiving and a sample of the lining would have to be tested for cancer…at this point I was just confused.  I was like “Hol up hol up hol up, whatttt! I came to get a regular girlie checkup.  What is all this story?!!”

Things got so deep after that.  He asked that I schedule an appointment where they would get a sample of the lining of my womb, test it and we would take it from there. Back then I wasn’t as spiritually inclined as I am now, so fear CONSUMED me! I mean, I was totally freaking out!  My husband who is usually calm, was like, “Don’t worry, we will get it sorted out.”  He calmed me down. My father was always on the edge about anything health-related (my siblings and I often made fun of him as a borderline hypochondriac:) ). So you can just imagine his reaction.  He wanted me to seek a second opinion ASAP and perform whatever surgery was needed. My mother has a medical background and my sister was then a doctor in training. When I told them both, their medical minds were like, “Wow this is serious.  We need a second opinion.” My sister was getting married in June 2010, so we decided that we would go see the OBGYN in the UK after her wedding.

Prior to that, God had sent random people with direct messages to me. I call them random because I didn’t have direct relationships with them. One of them was a member of the church I attended before I got married.  She didn’t even know my name but she apparently described me quite well. She had a dream and saw me trying to open a bottle of champagne with my teeth and I broke a tooth in the process.  This meant that celebration was coming but while trying to handle it myself, I would lose something! The other person was my mum’s aunt who I can’t even point out in a crowd and who happens to be Muslim.  She called my mum and randomly started asking, “How is Foluso?  She shouldn’t have any surgery o.  Don’t worry she will have children!” See why I said random!

After the wedding, my mum and I went to the UK and the first weekend there, I attended church with my friends. There was a bookstore in the church and this was the first time I came across the book ‘Supernatural Childbirth’ by Jackie Mize. I bought the book and started reading it. That book is so amazing. The book is aptly titled as the lady in the book had been told she would never have children and ended up having FOUR miracle children as she calls them! I made up my mind while reading the book and talking to God that I wouldn’t have any surgery, no matter what the doctors and my family said. It had become crystal clear to me that performing surgery would end in me losing something and God was telling me to ignore all I was told and watch him work. So I proceeded in faith! This was the first time in my life I was doing anything like this but I had a peace that I could not explain to anyone.

The OBGYN in the UK confirmed everything his counterpart in Lagos said and she was even more urgent as she said we had to perform the procedure ASAP. She also added that I had something called a polyp which is similar to a fibroid. She confirmed that it would be almost impossible for me to conceive unless a surgery was performed. She also wanted us to schedule a procedure so we could check the lining of my womb to be sure it wasn’t cancerous.

My husband, mum, dad, sister all thought I had lost my mind when I informed them I would not be performing surgery and God had revealed to me not to. My mum and I got into a fight and they were all certain I had lost my mind. This trip was in July. We went back to Lagos since I refused to perform any procedure and we all went about our lives. Less than a month after the UK trip, I conceived! My husband and I weren’t even ‘trying’ as they say! I found out I was pregnant and had conceived in August. I gave birth to the most beautiful, intelligent little angel on April 17, 2011.

Since that experience, my relationship with God has been completely different! My faith has been built and I walk in obedience now! (well as much as I can, the flesh can be such a burden:) ). Even when crazy situations come my way (and trust me they do), I just remember the words of Tye Tribett, “If he did it before, he’ll do it again!”I can’t imagine what the devil had planned if I had gone ahead and done that procedure. Bottom line is, like 1 Samuel 15:22 says ‘Obedience is better than sacrifice’. Even with all the doctors’ reports, I have never had an issue conceiving and have 2 beautiful daughters. In addition, I have no polyp, no fibroid and the lining of my womb is no longer unusually thick!

I know it’s difficult to trust God when going through a hard time, but genuinely ask God for help. When God is speaking to you about a situation in your life, he will send a word or words of confirmation. He will give you peace that passes all understanding. Just be obedient and watch him work!

So, why am I hopeful? Because God and I have history.

PS: If you would like to meet the God Foluso spoke about, please go here.


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