Worship is about paying attention

Worship is about paying attention

I like the song by Michael W Smith which says, “You are the one (God) that really matters.” Abraham was deliberate about his actions after hearing God’s instructions.

Yes, he loved his son and yes, he knew how Sarah would react; but he got up early in the morning to obey God because his attention was on God (The One).
Every opportunity to worship – not just with songs, but also with our lives – is an opportunity to change as we get to behold God’s awesomeness which changes us as we begin to see ourselves clearly in God.
I was once invited for a spontaneous worship session with TY Bello and she started to sing, “When we see you, when we see you, when we see you, we see clearly…” – That is so true! Every time you worship, let God get your full attention.
You’ll be surprised how changed you will be and how clearly you will see.


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