Worship is Obedience

Worship is Obedience

Reading through the story of Abraham in Genesis chapter 22 when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, his only son; I recall thinking to myself:
‘Why would God ask such a thing?’
But reading verse 2 got me:

“Take your son whom you love and go offer him…” 
The most fascinating thing happened in verse 3:
“And Abraham rose early in the morning, saddled his donkey and took two of his young men with him and his son Isaac.”
Often times we get so conscious of what the sound is like, how well the worship leader sings, or whether the backup vocalist are dancing, and we forget the very essence of worship.

It is very important to point out here that the outcome of our continued obedience makes for a beautiful and completely amazing worship experience.

Let’s think back to what would have happened if Abraham after hearing God’s instruction had found a way to tell God ‘No’? Would he still have been the father of many nations? Would he have had the revelation of God being his JirehUltimate Provider?

When we obey God, we worship Him. We are saying to Him “we trust you completely to have your way, to open doors, to heal us, to be our provider, to be our rock and fortress, to be our comforter, use us Lord, we surrender all to you.”



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