Worship is Sacrifice

Worship is Sacrifice

Sacrifice is one thing that many Christians struggle with but this is more or less another very important essence of worship – total sacrifice. Giving of ourselves – will and heart, our time, and our possessions requires that the eyes of our understanding is open to see His glory and know of how great and mighty our God is when we infuse sacrifice into our worship.

We begin to work in another dimension of grace when we make sacrifice part of our worship. This was Solomon’s secret. He gave of the best that he had to God while dedicating the temple and the glory of God came down because he saw that Solomon had gone the extra mile for Him.

The bible says that when the people saw God’s glory come upon the temple, they all bowed down and worshipped God; this is what happens when we worship God sacrificially, we draw people to also worship God, to testify of His goodness and mercy.


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