A few weeks ago, Tanzanian Siamese twins Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti passed away at the age of 21. First, Maria passed away from a longstanding chest deformity and fifteen minutes later, Consolata followed suit—conjoined, even in death. CNN’s coverage of the twins’ story was a reminder that I didn’t know any Siamese twins personally. Or so I thought. Enter Oyinda Ajayi and Morenike Johnson, who are as close as some of us will ever get to real life Siamese twins. We caught up with these ladies who are, by all standards, ‘Stronger Together’—the theme of this month of June at the Lifepointe Church. We’ve heard practical sermons from the pulpit emphasizing the power and importance of community and now we’re taking it to the pews. Here’s what Lifepointe’s resident duo, Morenike and Oyinda, had to say about being ‘Stronger Together’:

Girl Meets Girl

Morenike: We met on our first day of our current job. I actually don’t remember the exact moment I met her or what we said to each other but I figured she was a cool new co-worker. Then for about 2 weeks in a row, Oyinda was wearing the same thing as me. Weird, right? She clearly just wanted to be like me. LOL 🤷🏾‍♀So I was like, “okay, she must be kinda cool!” We spent some time together in South Africa, I got to know her better, and then we started completing each other’s sentences by week 3. I know, it’s as strange as it sounds!

Oyinda: Reni thought I was irresistibly smart and beautiful. She kept coming to my apartment when we went to South Africa for training so I figured I’d give her a chance. But to be politically correct, we met at work! We started on the same day and hit it off immediately—we said the same things at the same time, sat next to each other in the office and that’s how this ‘love story’ began. Like they say, the rest is history.

Friendship Perks

Morenike: This is a tough one because I spend at least 6 days a week literally right next to her. Like, Siamese type of right next to her. LOL. Oyinda has been an anchor for me in my spiritual life. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be at Lifepointe today! Oyinda picked me up from home and brought me to my very first service at Lifepointe. Needless to say, the power of that simple invitation has lasted several months and evolved into something even more meaningful. As I mentioned, we also work together and I can’t understate how awesome it is to have a friend who goes through the daily mundane highs and lows with you and reminds you to keep pushing and trying even when you are ready to give up. Outside of church and work though, she is a friend who sticks closer than a sister.

Oyinda: I think my friendship with Reni has impacted every aspect of my life positively. Spiritually, we worship together, serve at church together, and track our bible study devotions. Emotionally, she’s one of the first people I’d reach out to if I’m going through a rough time. Financially, we’ve helped each other with investment and saving plans (well, we also encourage each other to spend money on food, but we can overlook that. LOL). At work, we help each other out a lot too. So yeah, I sorta kinda really need her but I’m sure she needs me more *side eye*

On Similarities & Differences

Morenike: I would say we are quite similar. Even as complete strangers, we were so in sync in dressing and speech. However, we do have our differences. For instance, I am proud to say that I introduced Oyinda to print and made her wardrobe a brighter and more fun place! I also think Oyinda is bubblier than me, she’s always laughing and smiling (even though she’s moodier than I am. LOL). It’s such great energy to be around!

Oyinda: I think we are largely similar. Reni really just lives in my head, it’s actually too weird. And this has worked out great because we are pretty much on the same page with most things, reducing the chances of any potential arguments. And even if we disagree on anything, it can never be that deep, we move right past it.

On Maintaining the Bond

Morenike: Ah, I’m not sure o. Bond maintenance is straight forward when the person has no choice but to love you and why wouldn’t she love me? LOL. There was one time we bonded over eating Chicken Republic daily but I had to give that one up real quick!

Oyinda: LOL! Maintain which bond? I think life has already done enough to keep us together. I see her Monday to Friday at work, Sunday in church and even most Saturdays when we hang out. Please, what else must we do? No traditions either. We make all these travel plans and only actually follow through with a few of them. Ground rules? None particularly but we are both respectful of each other, I think. She forgives me when I’m not, that’s how it all works out.


So, if you’re plotting to find the Morenike to your Oyinda, plot no further. Another small groups cycle has just begun! Small groups are the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. To find out more about the juicy small groups on offer this cycle comment below or connect with us on social media[@lifepointeng]. Let’s get stronger together!


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