On Quiet Time: Part I

On Quiet Time: Part I

From the perfect face beat to the most effective workout, YouTube seems to have a routine video for just about anything. In the four Gospels, we get a sneak peek into the life of Jesus who had a “habit of retiring to deserted places and praying” (Luke 5:16 ISV). Throughout July, we dissected the ingredients of ‘A Great Life’ at the Lifepointe Church and one thing is certain: a great life is steeped in God’s word and a relationship with Him. Jesus exemplified this perfectly and here we are trying to follow in His steps to attain that full life described in John 10:10, you know, the one Jesus came that we might have. As with the plethora of routine videos on Youtube, we all have different approaches to “quiet time”. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach but here’s how some of Lifepointe’s favorite people channel Luke 5:16 in their everyday lives. Enjoy:

Demilade A.

  1. Routine VS Spontaneity?

My approach is steeped in routine. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I think I’ve found a formula that works for me. Sometimes, it can be a bit restrictive so I often try switching little things up. Can’t put GOD in a box, eh?

  1. When do you have quiet time?

I’m a pretty nocturnal person, so I get most of my quiet time sometime between midnight and 3 am. I focus better at night. I know, it goes against the conventional “Good Morning Jesus/Morning devotion” routines we’re taught as kids, but for me, it works. Plus, that beautiful silence when everyone’s asleep adds a serenity I typically don’t get during the day. And if talking with GOD runs long (Sometimes, I talk too much. Sometimes, it’s GOD stretching the gist!), I can take all the time I need.

  1. What are your top three quiet time essentials?
  • My iPad: The most important thing I need. My iPad is more my bible than anything else (It irks some of the older people when I present my iPad as my bible but hey!). It has all my Bible Study notes since 2014, all the little kernels of revelation I’ve received; my Bible is littered with notes that I can’t live without. And every time something stumps me, I can search for help online. So that’s super crucial.
  • My Headphones: I often need ambient music to help me focus, or sometimes, just the noise-cancelling feature to drown out noise from the outside. I have a meditation playlist. Sometimes, I plug in my online Bible and just let scripture waft around in the background, or a sermon, or some podcast.
  • My Prayer Book and Pillow: The book helps me organize my praying so it’s according to pattern, the pillow softens the pain from kneeling! I need both, they go together like rice and stew!
  1. On average, how does your quiet time play out?
  • 1-10 mins: I usually start off with a prayer of thanksgiving. Sometimes, it’s a minute long, other times, it goes on forever!
  • 10 mins: Prayer to set my will, choose the fear of GOD, ask for the spirit of Wisdom and Revelation—these are all crucial to my process. I can’t go into time with GOD without preparing myself for the journey ahead, and these are the tools I need to hear from HIM.
  • 15 minutes: Worship – I just sing songs that glorify GOD or songs that speak to my current state of mind. Planetshakers “Made to Worship” and Hillsong Worship’s “Seasons” are personal favorites right now. Then I make melodies in the Spirit. This one never sounds great to the outside ear, so it’s best done when folks are asleep. Sometimes, I go on a full jump and dance cycle too! It depends on what GOD and I are getting into at that specific moment.
  • 60-75 minutes: Bible Reading and Prayer – This is where the action is! I spend most of this time either on my knees, or pacing back and forth in my room. While I’m praying, I get scriptures in my mind, so I read my Bible and write stuff down.
  • 2-5 minutes: I actively wait on GOD to say something to me. I just sit there silently… Waiting… Listening… Sometimes, I don’t hear anything. Sometimes, I get MAJOR instructions.

Ore R.

  1. Routine VS Spontaneity?

A bit of both. Routine is the usual but I recently found that spontaneity is key when I was feeling a bit stagnant. So now, I routinely wake up at the same time but the time can be spent in different ways.

  1. When do you have quiet time?

Mornings and right before bed. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing before I sleep (Joshua 1:8). As the last thing before bed is a very recent development but I absolutely love it—I think it has made my sleep more peaceful.

  1. What are your top 3 quiet time essentials?
  • Bible: The best book in the world! Truly living and active.
  • Journal: I think it’s so important to write things down in your quiet time. God speaks and it’s nice to come back and read over. I see growth and also revelations.
  • Playlist: My gospel music.
  1. On average, how does your quiet time play out?

Usually, I start by just giving God thanks. This allows me to focus on His greatness and His love. I’ll journal a bit as I remember a dream or prayer point. Then I will flow into prayer. This is usually anything that’s heavy on my mind that I just want to lay at His feet so I feel at ease. I also use this time to listen to anything I feel God saying and ask Him to speak to me through His Word. Then a bit of music, to really enter His presence and feel His peace. Then I read a devotional or meditate on scripture and journal my insights. I usually flow back into prayer as the Word speaks to me and then just ask God to go before me as I start my day. But then sometimes, I find myself just making declarations or worshiping or just being still. I’m trying not to box God in anymore and just flow.

Wunmi A.

  1. Routine VS Spontaneity?

Once I got born again, God became my companion in every moment. My whole life is quiet time. For being intentional about shutting everything out and having a conversation with God, I would say that this is almost always spontaneous. I am a person of many questions; I am always asking, checking, confirming. It gets tiring. So, I’ll say that my quiet time is literally when I quieten down. I throw all my urgent questions out the window and just rest in the relief that God is always the answer. It is also in these moments that I count all my many blessings and give God a high-five.

  1. When do you have quiet time?

It depends. It’s never one time or one thing. I think of quiet time as a moment of Prayer, Worship and Reading the Word:

  • Prayer: I find that right before I go to sleep and in my waking moments, I pray. In the same way that something (un/)interesting happens to me and I want to immediately gist my friend, I do have a spiritual reflex to break into a prayer. It’s never out of obligation as much as just being moved to talk to God. To connect to my source.
  • Word: I read my bible one book at a time. Right now, I am reading the book of John because Jesus says a lot (maybe even the most) in the gospel. Of the Trinity, I am working to get my relationship with Jesus to a solid ground. Except the Holy Spirit leads me to sporadic searches for the sake of revelation, I stick to my structured reading. One thing I’ve done differently this year is reading online devotionals (YouVersion) with my friends on the app (who are also my friends in real life). We read the word every morning and have conversations in the comments section before rushing off to seize the day.
  • Worship: Worship is my favorite part of fellowship with God. I am almost always in the mood to worship. God is awesome. Worshiping Him gives me joy, keeps me grounded, fills out all the empty spaces. My favorite place to be is in a church meeting where honest, heartfelt worship happens—”I was excited when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord!”
  1. What are your top three quiet time essentials?
  • My Whole Heart (compulsory)
  • The Word (optional)
  • Worship Playlist (optional)
  1. On average, how does your quiet time play out?

I cannot say there is one formulaic way that my quiet time plays out. What I do know is that my emotional value charge changes from negative to positive or from positive to double-positive at the end of the moment. What I feel after a quiet time is peace. An assurance in God.




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