“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”- Matthew 6:12

When Jesus taught us to pray, He didn’t say, ‘forgive us our debts, while we attempt to forgive our debtors’. This means God expects us to forgive with the same readiness with which He forgives us. You are made in His image, so forgiveness should be a part of your lifestyle! Think about it – kittens don’t struggle to purr, and puppies struggle to bark. They just adopt the nature of their species. In the same way, you also should adopt the nature of forgiveness because God, our Heavenly Father does. Forgiveness is a part of your spiritual DNA. 

Jesus told us: “offenses will come”. You will get disappointed by your loved ones. Friends will upset you. People in your community will sometimes let you down. But you must remember whose child you are. Instead of lashing out in anger and harboring bitterness in your heart, remember you are bigger than that hurt. Forgive and, more importantly, make room in your heart to forgive offenses. 

Remember- forgiveness is a decision you make in your heart. It is not based on emotion. It is not dependent on how sorry the offender is. It is an act of faith. So be generous with excuses on behalf of people and situations and be at peace with all men! 


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