Create an Expectation

Create an Expectation

An expectation of God’s promises is the breeding ground for miracles in your life. To enjoy marvelous help from God, you must actively create an expectation in your heart of what God is set to do in you or for you. You do this by spending time with God- in His word and in prayer and giving the Holy Spirit the room to brew that expectation in your heart. 

The Holy Spirit is like a wonderful artist- He draws the most vivid pictures (thoughts and imaginations) in people’s hearts. But like any great artist who has been commissioned to paint, He needs the right kind of materials- good easel, a blank, willing canvas, and the best colours and brushes. We must give the Holy Spirit  the canvas of our minds, and the right words and testimonies to paint the right kind of picture. 

Building an expectation is not automatic. It requires intentional actions. You must constantly walk and live by the Spirit. Don’t get distracted. Don’t let your focus wane. Like watching a maestro work, be ready to follow where He leads you. 

Today, set an expectation in your heart stemmed from God’s word and look out for the miraculous! You will encounter challenges on the way but those challenges are to help you grow. Keep your expectation high and watch as God makes the most beautiful painting out of your life. 

Have a miraculous day!


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