Salting Your Portion of the Earth!

Salting Your Portion of the Earth!

The Bible uses a great theme to explain our impact on the world. Salt! Salt is such a powerful seasoner- too little of it, and your food tastes bland and food can’t be eaten or enjoyed. Just like salt, we have a specific role in the world. God created us for a positive impact. In the Bible, Adam was created and given a specific mandate. We too were created by God with a specific mandate, and we must work to ensure that we fulfill it. 

As members of the church and the body of Christ, we are called out by God to shine His light and make a positive impact wherever we find ourselves. Our impact isn’t limited. We are expected to create an impact in all areas of life, both as individuals and as a collective. God expects you to positively impact and transform your neighbourhood, your office, your community of friends and the people who happen to come in contact with you. In the same way, when we gather as a collective, as the body of Christ (the church), God expects us to demonstrate the same type of transformative power. We should actively contribute to nation-building, and play a vital role in contributing to the process of moving our nation’s citizens from thinking based on tribe and ethnicity, into living as a nation!

Our mandate to salt the earth and change the world starts with changing the way people think and behave! We represent the kingdom of God, and we must show the world what true God-like thinking and behaviour look like. As God’s ambassadors, we’re committed to making God the King of the whole world! And that starts with salting your little patch of Earth right here, right now!


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