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“And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.” –  Genesis 11:6   

When God created man, God made man in His own likeness. This means that we all have the same features and abilities God has. God has hands, and so do we. God has a mouth, and we do too. And here’s the kicker for today’s study. God has created us with the same kind of mind he has: a mind that is designed to create and develop solutions to problems. God doesn’t struggle to create solutions. His mind is so powerful and limitless, that He foresees problems before they even develop, and He creates multiple solutions to them. God’s mental power is beyond searching, and can’t be quantified. 

Now that we have some idea of the vastness of God’s mental capability, ask yourself this: Why is my mind so limited? If I was created in God’s likeness, and I possess His power and ability, why is my mind not as fruitful? The answer is simple. Sin. When sin came into the world through the fall of Adam, it began to corrupt and distort the human mind, subjecting it to darkness, deceit and constant failure. 

But thank God! He always has a solution for problems long before they arise! One of the reasons Jesus came and died on the earth was to reconnect us to God and to restore the great capabilities we lost when Adam fell. Jesus’ coming revived us, and unlocked our access to the many wonderful gifts God has deposited in us. have in God. And that’s why it is essential that we walk in this newness that Jesus has provided. 

Through Jesus, we have access to supernatural mental abilities. Your mind has been powerfully restored, and you can do ALL things through Jesus Christ. Your responsibility is to keep your mind open to only God. Flood your mind with God’s way of thinking, by studying God’s word. The Bible gives us practical examples of how God thinks and operates, and challenges us to do the same. Also, be diligent in putting up guards around your mind, so you don’t conform to the world’s way of thinking.  Thinking like the world dulls your ability to think like God! 

So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of God’s help, remember to open up your mind to Him and let Him lead and direct you in His ways. Keep your mind open to God, and watch as limitless opportunities unfold before you. 

Confession: My mind is unlimited. I utilize it and access the available resources inside of it to fulfill God’s will for me and the world around me.


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