Recipes for Winning

And Uzziah was sixteen years old when he became king, … He sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper.”– 2 Chronicles 26:3a & 5

The story of Uzziah is an amazing example of how we are created to enjoy success. In this story, a young boy is made king. Conventional wisdom would suggest that a boy being made king over an entire nation at such a young age is a recipe for disaster. But with God in control, Uzziah actually guarantees total, unprecedented success for Himself and the entire kingdom, and at such a young age too! 

Your success is not a function of any human construct: it isn’t dependent on your age, or your educational background. It is not reliant on your connections, or how diverse your network is. Success isn’t guaranteed because you were born with a silver spoon, and it isn’t any less guaranteed because you don’t have a privileged background. It doesn’t depend on your ability, status or environment. To enjoy true success in life, there’s only one recipe. It’s cultivating a relationship with God. To enjoy God’s unlimited supply of help and resources, you need to actively develop a relationship and a lifestyle with God. God will only entrust true, sustainable success to those who trust in and walk with Him. 

So how do you build a vibrant relationship with God? First: always seek Him through fellowship. Determine to walk with God step by step every day of your life. Never start your day without Him, and never lose your consciousness of Him. Cherish your relationship with God. Nurture it and grow it, by spending time interacting with Him. Next: study God’s word – the word of God contains the blueprint for sustained success. In there, you’ll find promises, principles, innovative ideas, ideas, help and answers as you need them. 

Finally, to enjoy success, you must learn to discipline yourself. A lot of people have the answers they need to succeed, but they don’t experience sustained winning because they can’t get their desires under control. It’s like a chef with a winning recipe who eats all his ingredients before he can make that winning dish. Discipline is the breeding ground for success. So learn the same disciplines that Jesus employed here on earth. Learn to pray, and fast. Learn to actively subject your emotions and desires to the will of God and practice putting away any distractions and limiting factors that hinder your relationship with God. 

When you combine all these factors together like Jesus did here on earth, you’re guaranteed true, unending divine success. When you pray, study God’s word and discipline your flesh, you’re submitting to God and to His will. A yielded vessel is always ready to be used. A heart that is submitted will always be the landing pad for the favour of God. 

Prayer: Lord, I make a decision to be intentional about my commitment to You. I commit to making You the center of my life. I will build a vibrant relationship with You by studying Your word and removing anything that distracts me from You. Teach me to discipline myself, and to make you my all in all! Amen!


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