Honest Conversation About Sex

Sex. Everyone was born through sexual activity. It’s in our music, on TV and on social media. We talk about it, joke around it and sometimes are confused by it. We have sex or choose to abstain. We get hurt by it and are sometimes scarred for life because of it.

Every Thursday in May, we invite you to join us at 6.30pm for honest conversations about this phenomenon called sex. The venue is the Pistis Annex, 3 Remi Olowude Way by 2nd Lekki Roundabout (Marwa Bus Stop), Lagos.

Our sessions will be interactive and you’ll get a chance to ask any question, no-holds-barred. We’ll also have a special service for those grappling with abuse or addiction.

If you’re dealing with a particularly thorny issue and would like to write to one of our counsellors, you can send us an email here. We look forward to seeing you in church on Thursdays!



What Do You Think About Sex?