Meet Jesus

Who is Jesus?

The Christian Bible is filled with stories about him. To the woman who was caught in adultery and was about to be stoned, He was her hero (John 8:1-11). To Peter who denied him three times yet was still accepted by him, he was his true friend (Mark 14:66-72). To the woman who had struggled for many years with a disease that drained her lifeblood, He was her healer (Luke 8:43-48). To the woman at the well who was thirsty for something she didn’t even realize, he was living water that quenched her thirst (John 4:4–26). At the wedding in Cana, he turned water to wine and became their solution (John 2:1-12). Jesus is so many wonderful things.

Where are you in life today? What issues are you dealing with? What are the questions in your head? How horrendous is your past? What’s that thing that keeps you up at night? Does your heart feel broken beyond repair? Do you feel overwhelmed and helpless? Are you confused about the meaning of your life or clueless about your purpose or the state of the world? Have you used up all your life lines? Are you at rock bottom? Try Jesus.

Ready for the time of your life?

To meet Jesus, all you need to do is to speak to Him from your heart, in your own words telling him how you feel. Vent if you like. Tell him how it hurts, how angry you are, what your questions and frustrations are. If everyone and everything has failed you, tell him. Tell him you want to try Him. In whatever state you are, surrender to Him. Ask him to help you and make you over.

OR you can simply say these words:

“Jesus I am tired and confused and feel like a mess. I have tried everything and every way I know and nothing is working. I have done things I’m ashamed of and regret. My heart is heavy but you say you love me unconditionally and so I come to you. Please come into my life and give me peace. Set me free and make me whole. Living water, let me drink of you so that I will never thirst again. I surrender my life to you. Please make me over into something beautiful and pleasing to you. Amen.”

If you said this prayer, please send us a mail now and we’d be glad to answer your questions and celebrate with you. You may also send a Whatsapp message to +2348091000078.

Quit trying to straighten out your life yourself before you give it to Jesus. Give Him your crooked self now and let Him figure out what do with it. Jesus built movements on lepers, prostitutes and tax collectors. He can work with what you’ve got. Glen Fitzjerrell