Online Bible Study Small Group

We are very excited to be starting another cycle of small groups at Lifepointe.

This cycle comes with a twist as we would be studying the bible together and the best part is it’s going to be online!

This pilot program is scheduled to run for 5 weeks from Sunday November 12th through Sunday December 17th.

The major platform for these meetings is WhatsApp.

For this cycle, we have 5 groups with 5 selected topics (one topic per group)

Groups are:

  • Alpha group – Patriachs of Faith (Abraham)
  • Beta group – Spiritual gifts (Prophecy)
  • Gamma group – New Testament Challenge (Insights into John)
  • Delta Group – The Epistles (Six Pillars of Ephesians)
  • Epsilon Group – The End Times (Revelations)

The topics in bracket are the focus for this cycle. Subsequent cycles will focus on other topics. You are required to pick only one group for optimal learning and participation.
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